Mitchell Leonard — Wintermute
Release date : Jan. 31, 2017

Recorded at SWN studios. Produced and engineered by Mitchell Leonard and Rich Crescenti.

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Already Too Late

Mitchell Leonard — Already Too Late
Release date : May. 18, 2015

Recorded at SAE Studios by Rich Crescenti and Sean Kalaras. Produced by Mitchell Leonard and Rich Crescenti. Mixed by Rich Crescenti.

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The Barrelhouse E.P.

Mitchell Leonard — The Barrelhouse E.P.
Release date : Jun. 01, 2013

Recorded at Oak Street Studios. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Mitchell Leonard, John Creasey, and Rich Crescenti.

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The Already Gone E.P.

Mitchell Leonard with Critch — The Already Gone E.P.
Release date : Jan. 11, 2011

Recorded at BLUElight Audio Media (Greeley Estates, Bless The Fall, The Cover Up). Produced by Critch. Engineered by Corey Spotts (The Word Alive, Job For A Cowboy, The Stiletto Formal)

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Critch: Live from the Living Room

Mitchell Leonard with Critch — Critch: Live from the Living Room
Release date : Aug. 17, 2010

Recorded live at the W hotel in Scottsdale. Produced by Critch. Recorded and mixed by John Creasey.

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Mitchell Leonard with Dimonet — Dimonet
Release date : Oct. 16, 2007

Recorded at Clamsville Studios (Wardog, Rocket Popcorn, Dominic Amato). Produced and engineered by John Herrera (Turning Point, Age Of Evil, Darkhorse)

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No More Trouble

Mitchell Leonard with Dimonet — No More Trouble
Release date : Sept. 17, 2003

Recorded at Rumbo Studios (No Doubt, Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots). Produced by Dimonet. Engineered by Posie Muliadi (Chicago, Maroon 5, RATT).

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Attention Control Room

Mitchell Leonard with Dimonet — Attention Control Room
Release date : Apr. 05, 2000

Recorded at Rumbo Studios (Paula Abdul, Guns N' Roses, Smashing Pumpkins). Produced by Ron Nevison (Heart, Chicago, Candlebox). Engineered by Posie Muliadi (Maroon 5, Spin Doctors, Ricky Martin).

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Name Brand Aesthetic

Mitchell Leonard with Dimonet — Name Brand Aesthetic
Release date : May. 02, 1999

Recorded at Mind's Eye Digital (Sevendust, Gin Blossoms, Authority Zero). Produced by Dimonet. Engineered by Larry Elyea (2008 Phoenix Music Award's "Engineer of the Year").

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