I’ve been a pianist and songwriter all of my life. My childhood was comprised of afternoons at the piano learning Gershwin preludes, and late nights listening to my father play drums with his jazz combo. When I was sixteen, I began working as an accompanist for a travelling theater company. I discovered my knack for composition when, unable to afford the rights to the music for one of their productions, I took the lyrics for an hour-long musical and wrote entirely new music for all five songs. After leaving high school, I studied jazz performance under Chuck Marohnic at Arizona State University. During this time, I started becoming active in the Phoenix music scene, experimenting with groups of different genres and instrumentations.


In my early twenties, I formed Dimonet, which would become my musical lifeblood for the greater part of a decade. As the keyboardist and lead singer, I recorded five albums, played hundreds of shows, toured many states, and evolved personally and musically with the contributions of the differing members and their styles.


After Dimonet disbanded, I became half of Critch, a songwriting and production partnership with friend and former bandmate John Creasey. Together, we wrote dozens of songs, produced two of our own albums, and collaborated with several other artists on their works.


In 2012, I moved to New York, to sharpen my skill set and work with long time friend and production engineer Rich Crescenti. I’ve since been fortunate to collaborate with several artists of different mediums in the creation of some fantastic and fun multi-dimensional pieces such as Come Downstairs and I Went Ahead and Did It Anyway. I have some even wilder irons in the fire, so make sure you subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss out. I love to share ideas and connect with artists and fans alike. I’m available for tracking and production projects, and have an ever-expanding catalogue of music for sync you can check out here. As always, thanks for listening. -Mitchell