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Already Too Late
Already Too Late

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I started playing piano when I was five, wrote my first complete song when I was nine. I studied classical and jazz music all throughout my youth.

When I was sixteen, I began working as an accompanist for traveling theater companies. I learned I had a real knack for composition when, unable to afford the rights to the music for one of their productions, I took the lyrics for an hour-long musical and wrote entirely new music for all seven songs.

When someone from the cast brought the original soundtrack to one of our cast meetings, a week into the show’s run, they unanimously agreed...

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  • Songs that transcend trends, remaining timeless pieces of art - Reverbnation
  • Smart, memorable lyrics, driving hooks, and powerful grooves- Myxer.com
  • The lyrics often insist one listens closer to understand the meaning- SLAM Magazine
  • If we’re lucky there’ll be a lot more of it to come- antiMUSIC.com

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Always looking for performance or tracking gigs. I'm skilled in sight-reading, quick at composition, and love playing with other artists- in the studio or on stage.

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I excel at helping strong ideas reach their musical potential, and have access to a top-notch engineer with an amazing ear. I can help you take any musical concept from start to finish.

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Songwriting is my true passion. If you have any ideas you need help with, be they musical or lyrical, don't hesitate to contact me. My ears are always open.

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Chirps from the Bird

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